EKol® System

KOLORINES®, indisputable international reference in the world of Pool and Spa decoration, presents the new generation of glass covering: EKol®. Composed of small polished, smoothed glass beads whose brilliance and tonal variation provide an inimitable natural texture finish in and out of the water.

As part of a continuous evolution and steadfast commitment to design, KOLORINES® confirms its leadership with this new line that simulates a natural stone finish but with all the benefits of glass, bringing design to a new level in coverings for walkways, floors, walls and submerged applications.

EKol® arises from the innovative spirit characteristic of KOLORINES® and creates ambiences of great beauty and distinctive style. Designed with top technology, this innovative system takes the design of sustainable coverings to a new level for walkways, floors, walls, and wet and submerged applications, making it the best choice today for projects aspiring to a finish of natural beauty, great quality and durability, without exploiting natural resources.

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